This facility is free for our enrolled students (20 sessions)

Enrolled students can take the mock tests on Sundays and Wednesdays. For other students, mock test sessions are conducted six days a week, Sundays through Fridays, based on prior bookings and payments.

Consider yourself to give two-to-three IELTS mock tests before sitting in the real exam of IELTS. Taking the mock test will not only give you the experience of real IELTS exam also allow you to prepare for your IELTS test using genuine questions under exam conditions.

In this mock test, the student will have to complete every module including LWRS of the IELTS exam. After completing the test, the student will receive feedback in which area do they need to improve their skills to get a higher band in the real IELTS exam.

For more details on mock tests, contact Trainer James directly on Viber (+9779804909089).

They will also have access to the recording of the online sessions.

Currently, we have IELTS classes running at different times of the day between 4pm and 5pm (Nepal time) and between 7pm and 8pm (Nepal time). Students from Nepal, India, USA, UK, Tanzania, and Cameroona re taking classes with us at the moment.

You can join our classes on any day of the week (Sundays through Fridays), but we advise you to start on a Monday since we always have a new module starting every Monday.